By Registering Using This Form:

I give permission for my child to attend ALAP University at Pilgrim High School on Saturday, March 10, 2012.  I understand that my child will not be allowed to attend ALAP University unless this form is signed, and returned on the day of the event.    I understand that my child will be provided with lunch consisting of; pizza or a sandwich, snack and a drink.  There will also be water and cookies available.  If my child has a food allergy, or if for any reason this food is not appropriate for my child, I will make alternate arrangements for their lunch.  I understand that, in the case of a serious food allergy, I must remain with my child at ALAP University.

If I am leaving my child at ALAP University, pickup and drop-off will take place at the cafeteria and nowhere else.  I understand the drop-off time is between 8:30 and 9:00 AM and the pickup time is starting at 1:45 pm (2:45 for double session students).  I understand that I may stay with my child at ALAP University and have expressed my preference by checking the appropriate selections below.

A Permission slip will appear after submitting form.  The permission slip must be Printed, Signed and delivered to Registration on the day of the event.

Please review the Information Packet before registering for AlapU.

1. Name
2. Grade
3. Best Email
Confirm Email
4. Parent/Guardian Name
5. Best Phone Number
6. Student's School
7. Student's Alap Teacher
8. Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number
9. Name of individual that will drop off and pick up Child (must show Photo ID)
10. If your child has a food allergy the ALAP PTA should be aware of or the event please list them here. Type "NONE" if no food allergies. (I understand that, in the case of a serious food allergy, I must remain with my child at the ALAP University.)
11. Will parent or guardian be staying at ALAP-U?
12. Will parent or guardian be having lunch?
13. Student Lunch
14. Parent Lunch
15. Student T-Shirt Size
Course 1: Introduction to Improvisational Theater
Course 2: Painting With Water Colors (2 Hour Program)
Course 3: Theatrical Make-Up
Course 4: Creatures of the Night
Course 5: Endangered Species
Course 6: Who's in your Backyard
Course 7: Remarkable Rocks and Marvelous Minerals
Course 8: Wild Habitats
Course 9: Everything's Connected
Course 10: Destination Imagination
Course 11: Lewis and Clark
Course 12: Your Day In Court
Course 13: Fundamental Forces
Course 14: Introduction to Lego Robotics (2 Hour Program)
Course 15: Slippery Science
Course 16: Mad Science Machines
Course 17: This Is Not Magic, It's Chemistry
Course 18: All Request Internet Radio (2 Hour Program)
Course 19: Introduction to Chess
Course 20: Learn To Crochet (2 Hour Program)
Course 21: Letterboxing Workshop
Course 22: Nudging The Imagination
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