ALAP Frequently Asked Questions

How does my child get into ALAP?

The first step is a recommendation written by either the classroom teacher or school principal. This is generally done by the second grade teacher, but can be done by any teacher up to fifth grade. Upon recommendation, your child will be tested at their school during normal school hours (they will be absent from their normal classroom during testing – as they will during ALAP). At this time testing takes place over multiple days. The ALAP Administrator, Stephen Saunders, in conjunction with the ALAP teachers, will determine the admissions requirement based on test scores and the recommendation. Please be aware that being tested for ALAP is no guaranty of successful admission to the program. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your child.

Once in ALAP, will my child need to be retested to remain in ALAP?

Barring problems in the regular classroom caused by time missed due to ALAP, or problems keeping up with the work given by the ALAP teacher, your child will automatically remain in ALAP until graduation from 6th grade.

If my child doesn’t get into ALAP on the first try, can they be re-tested?

The current School Department policy is that your child may be tested twice (but NOT in the same year). Understand that the entire process listed above must be repeated starting with another recommendation letter from the new classroom teacher.

About ALAP University

There is an entire page of this website devoted to ALAP University. Please click the ALAP University link to the left or click here.

My son/daughter forgot to bring the ALAP University Information Package home and we have missed the deadline. Can they still go to ALAP University?

You may register your child right up until ALAP University, but be aware that the later it is the more likely it is that many of the presentations they are interested in are already closed. If you register late be prepared to be flexible.

I want to make a donation to the ALAP Committee for ALAP University. Who do I make the check out to?

Make the check payable to “Warwick ALAP Corporation”.

My child is in the 3rd grade. Can I drop him/her off at ALAP University?

We highly recommend that a parent remain at ALAP University with every 3rd grader. Only you know how mature your child is, so this isn’t a requirement, but your child will be expected to navigate through the corridors of a large high school. There will be parent volunteers there to help, but this can be intimidating for some of the younger children. You don’t have to go into the classes with them (although you are welcome to), but you can lead them between classes and then hang out in the cafeteria and have a coffee.

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