What Is ALAP?

ALAP, Accelerated Learning Activities Program, is a gifted and talented program for grades 3-6 in Warwick, Rhode Island public schools. The primary purpose of this PTA is to grow and strengthen the ALAP program and to enhance the ALAP experience through extra-curricular activities. The PTA is proud to announce that we are now a non-profit organization as we have received 501(c)3 staus.

The Alap Mission Statement

To promote excellence and leadership in education for gifted and talented students in Warwick, Rhode Island public schools through the integration and implementation of appropriate programs, resource networks and community/student advocacy.

Committee Status Update

The Warwick School Department Advisory Committee on Gifted and Talented Students has now become the Warwick School Department Gifted and Talented Education PTA, a city-wide PTA with the same mission as the previous committee. Our PTA status makes us a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and will greatly enhance our fundraising capabilities. Please join us if you have a child in ALAP or the honors programs at one of the Jr. High or High Schools in Warwick, Rhode Island.

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